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Your Debt Settlement Partner from Day 1

DebtBlue provides back-end servicing from start to finish, which helps you stay focused on doing what you do best: selling. It’s a seamless process when a client joins your program as DebtBlue steps in to service that client while maintaining your brand across all customer interactions and correspondence.

You Provide:

  • Marketing: Continue with your own marketing success or lean on DebtBlue for help with websites, advertising, direct mail, and more.
  • Client Enrollment: Sales professionals helping clients achieve financial freedom
DebtBlue Provides:

Training: DebtBlue provides the tools necessary for your success, including technology, scripts, industry insights, strategies and more. We don’t “phone it in.” If you’d like we can arrange onsite training to help you learn about our CRM, call management system, reporting, sales methods and script training.

In addition to training, our back-end processing kicks in the moment a client qualifies for the program.

This includes:

  • Underwriting: Making sure the T’s are crossed and the I’s are dotted
  • Client Success: Walking with the client to help ensure retention and satisfaction
  • Negotiation: Maximizing leverage to ensure the best resolution for your client’s debt
  • Payment Processing: Collecting settlement payments/fees; addressing payment-related issues
  • Accounting: Audit of accounts for financials, licensing and corporate taxes

Why the Debt Settlement Industry?

The debt settlement industry is thriving in today’s struggling economy. The recent series of national and global events have created an unstable environment for our country’s workers and businesses. As a result, debt settlement has become an important option for millions of people as they weather the storm and wait for the economy to normalize. The debt settlement industry is built for turbulent times and stands ready to help consumers who are otherwise trapped beneath crushing debt loads.



As a DebtBlue Affiliate, you will be providing a service needed by many Americans who are deeply in debt. A negotiated settlement can provide a return to financial freedom for many consumers.


With unlimited income potential, today’s sales professionals can excel in the debt settlement industry. Affiliates will receive a payment for each month enrolled clients stay in the debt settlement program.

Proven Process

The DebtBlue Affiliates program is designed to help you go further, faster. From client acquisition to graduation from the program, our processes will completely manage the back-end servicing.

Why Partner with DebtBlue Affiliates?

What Makes the DebtBlue Program Different?
Choosing a partner for your debt settlement business is a significant undertaking, and we’re ready to help you make an informed decision that’s best for your skillset and your vision.

DebtBlue Affiliates is focused on standing out in the industry by delivering a streamlined path to revenue for its affiliates and providing the best settlement experience for your clients. Throughout the settlement process, we’ll treat your clients as if they were our own.

As a DebtBlue Affiliate, you’ll have the satisfaction of helping clients regain their financial footing. You’ll also find our affiliate go-to market processes and back-end processing helps you:

  • Deliver some of the best settlements available–up to 40% reductions
  • Start building a client base and earning revenue immediately
  • Focus on selling and not managing back-end processing

DebtBlue Affiliates partners with you from Day 1: operations, training, technology and more. Reach out today and find out how serious we are about your long-term success.

5 Reasons to Learn More about DebtBlue Affiliates
DebtBlue Affiliates was launched to become the premiere wholesale servicer in the industry. We provide a proven system that helps minimize risk and maximize profits. Our industry relationships with trade associations, creditors and collection agencies help us deliver insights and know-how you can depend on. Call or complete our contact form for an in-depth discussion of the top five reasons DebtBlue Affiliates may be right for you:

  1. Most importantly: Backed by DebtBlue… We are experienced Debt Resolution experts and highly trained professionals who take pride in our clients, our partners and our results.
  2. Industry-Leading Commissions
  3. Complete Back-End Support, including Legal Coverage
  4. Ongoing Training
  5. Simple to Manage
What is a Debt Settlement Affiliate Program?
Debt settlement involves helping debt-burdened people get out of their financial mess. It’s a rewarding experience to help restore hope to families and individuals who are searching to be financially free.

By partnering with the right company, you can turn this into a great business opportunity, which can be both profitable and gratifying. DebtBlue provides the tools (software, scripts and so forth), the processes and significant industry know-how to help you succeed. You bring the WILL—we’ll help you acquire the SKILL!

When you join our Debt Settlement Affiliate Program, you’ll help clients that otherwise couldn’t be helped, you’ll earn significant commissions, and you’ll leverage a program that is designed to help you start immediately.

  • Help clients achieve financial freedom
  • Join a program that’s proven and streamlined
  • Start earning commissions in no time

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